Project!!WAKAKA! was founded in October 2010 with the opening of Gallery Wakaka and our inaugural show Club Wakaka.

Project!!WAKAKA! is a collaborative venture that is based in and from our domestic space (Jennie Temple, Alice, Chris & Rudy Walker) with the assistance of invited others.

The original impetus for setting up Project!!WAKAKA! came about as a result of a number of concerns. Primarily, the project started as a way for us to carry on making work whilst finding a way of managing the necessary changes to our practices that resulted from having a very young family. Subsequently !!WAKAKA! continues to grow slowly into a project that considers, refers to and explores a number of broader issues relating to art. These include:  art and children; art and education; art and the domestic; art and feminism; art and the market; art and parenthood.

We have been very privileged to work alongside a number of exceptional artists and are grateful for the many contributions that have been made to Project!!WAKAKA! since 2010. In the early stages of the project we discussed our primary objectives and ambitions. One of the main factors that united our initial intentions was our shared questioning of art funding. We didn’t (don’t) have any money and have approached the project with the understanding we need to function without a fixed financial budget.

We are exceptionally grateful to all the artists who have exchanged with us and we are happy that Project!!WAKAKA! will continue to grow as a result of the generosity of our participants.

please do not hesitate to contact if you are interested in working with Project!!WAKAKA! – projectwakaka@yahoo.co.uk


Kitchen Lectures

Together Works

!!WAKAKA! Residencies


Club Wakaka



The name Gallery/Club Wakaka was decided upon early on in proceedings: Shonik Wakaka was one of Rudy’s early imaginary friends and along with the more upright sounding John Low, provided all of us with inspiration. Although Mr Low is not referred to in the project title, he has been fundamental to the collaborative process. The name Project!!WAKAKA! was cemented after the group realised that they were neither a club nor a gallery.

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  1. Samkelo says:

    I love wakaka project, i would like to continue it

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