OUTSKIRTS (collection)

Help! History Wanted!

The Collection is an ever-growing group of artworks that we had great pleasure in presenting for the first time at Platform as part of Outskirts. The works have been gathered from various places over a number of years and the nature of their acquisition has meant that we know very little about their origins. We feel that these works are rich with potential narrative and hold intriguing gaps with relation to their history; gaps that we invited Outskirts attendees to start to help us fill.

 On the 28th of April 2012 we transported the essence of !!WAKAKA! to Glasgow and  transformed Platform’s ground floor meeting room into a kitchenesque place that provided a catalyst for initiating the gathering of a history for The Collection.

 “Lots of interaction, by all ages, with Project!!Wakaka! who transformed a meeting room into their kitchen, hung found artworks on walls and invited participants to write biogs of the (unknown) artists and thoughts on what the work represented. A cleverly considered exploration of who makes art and its place in our lives.”
Mary Brennan, Glasgow Herald 01.05.2012

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